Thorne Sub Aqua Club

Rib Dive on FV Staxton Wyke 29 metres (low water)

Low Water 13:10 (Slack Water 14:50am)


Saturday 21 July 2012


Dive Report: Marcus Walker


Divers: Marcus Walker, Darren Grey, Doncaster Guest Divers: Sam and Geoff



At last, summer seems to have arrived and for once with clear blue skies and light breezes. We all met up at Hornsea only to find every other dive rib in the north of England had descended upon Hornsea.


Another day out for Major Tom saw us launching way too early and arriving at the Staxton Wyke at 1:30pm and one and a half hours to wait for slack water. With the current running and dragging the shot off the wreck we attached the anchor as well and this worked so we moored onto the shot line - what a bloody mistake that turned out to be!


The Staxton Wyke is another locally built Beverley fishing vessel constructed by Cook, Welton and Gemmell and launched on 22 October, 1937 . She is 49.78 metres in length with a beam of 8.28 metres and weighed some 472 tons and was powered by a 3 cylinder triple expansion steam engine and a single boiler capable of 12.3 knots. In 1939 she was requisitioned by the Royal Navy and used as an anti-submarine trawler before being loaned to the US navy in the North Atlantic. She returned to fishing duties after the war in 1946 when she was told to the Kingston Steam trawling Company.


The Staxton Wyke was sunk at 2:01 am on 23 August 1959 when returning from Icelandic fishing grounds in thick fog, Skippered by Andrew Whitley with a crew of seventeen, the Wyke was struck amidships in the stokehold. The Flamborough lifeboat attended and 16 men plucked from two life rafts but 5 missing men were never recovered.


Unfortunately, after almost 2 hours waiting on the wreck site and with the shot line (anchored to Major Tom) rubbing against the wreck we descended into perfect viz only to find the shot line had been sliced by the wreck. After finding the end of the line in our hand we valiantly fought the tide in the finest of King Canute traditions and to no avail trying to find the wreck.


Dropping Geoff and Sam with line attached to weight belts also failed. Another anchor and shot lost! We will return!


Marcus Walker

Diving Officer

21 July 2012



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