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Thorne Sub Aqua Club was formed in 2001 and since then has grown steadily into a close knit diving club. Our membership stems from newly qualified divers to advanced trimix divers, including 2 qualified instructors.

The philosophy of Thorne is to promote qualification up to advanced diver without compromise to safety and to undertake the organisation of interesting and adventurous expeditions throughout the UK.

This does not mean that we expect everyone to reach advanced diver as soon as possible and it does not mean that we are only interested in technical diving. We embrace a broad range of qualifications and interests and try to ensure that every member can undertake the diving that interests them.

We have a vast wealth of experience within the club and some skill development courses can be taught within the branch, skills such as oxygen administration, first aid, and nitrox. We also have some members who are specialising in trimix and rebreather diving.

As well as having a wealth of experience we also have a RIB which is currently kept at the East Coast and has all the required equipment on it to ensure diving can be carried out safely. A numbers of members are trained to use the boat and take it out as often as possible when weather permits.

However, diving is not the only side to Thorne SAC. We openly encourage all the family to join in where possible.

We dive at a variety of locations throughout the UK and abroad. A few of which can be seen on our links page. 

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